Fragen und Antworten

1. What is my guaranty to be not cheated?
You have a few possibilities to be sure, that the contated player is from Melk Trupp:
  • Ask for a ingame meeting and check the Melk Trupp guild tag.
  • Only the adresses and "sarmael123456" in skype are valid contacts. This account will refer you to your direct contact
  • 2. How anonymous are the Boosts?
    No one will save your Charname, Guildtag or other data. Further nobody will call the name of your char and against all rumors we have no Blacklist for´our customers.
    3. Who boosts your char?
    Melk Trupp Players are among the best Players in Europe. We have Multi-Class-Rank #1 titles in every season. Some of our teams participate at the best tournaments in the world as Dreamhack or BlizzCon.
    4. Do i have to transfer my char to an specific realm?
    For pvp boosts this is not necessary. Maybe a factionchange is needed. This have to be payed and done by yourself. Some PvE offers need a factionchange and server transfer.
    5. How long i have to wait for the boost to start and how long will the boost take to be finished?
    Every boost have weekly events. All offers are dependent on online hours and agreements between customers and players.
    6. Is my rating earned by Wintrade or cheats?
    No. All of our boosts are 100% legal. We are not using any cheats, hacks, Wintrades or anything else.
    7. How do PvE orders work?
    PvE orders are affected by special arrangements in the current content , all raids contained in a previous game content and thus no "Ahead of the curve" grant more are cross-realm possible therefore do not require a server transfer .
    Your questian is not answered or you have other questions?
    Contact us via eMail or Skype
    All your questions should be answered in 12 hours

    Your Melk Trupp Team

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